Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation is very complex. We handle both residential and commercial real estate issues. We represent investors, developers, landlords, owners (including rental-property owners), individuals, banks, lenders, homeowner associations (HOAs), and real estate brokerage firms.

We can resolve disputes in the following areas:

  • Real estate purchase and sales transactions
  • Real estate investments, including securities, real estate financing and lending
  • Property title dispute and issues (including quiet title actions, property ownership claims and issues)
  • Corporate and Limited Liability company disputes
  • Contract issues (including breaches, interpretation and enforcement)
  • Leases and tenancies
  • Real estate Brokers and Agents disputes
  • Escrows statutory and regulatory violations and proceedings
  • Misrepresentations, negligence, and other tort claims
  • Title insurance and other property insurance issues
  • Adverse possession and precept
  • Easements
  • Constructive defects
  • Nonperformance claims
  • Mechanics lien litigation